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Before this book design started, a client was certain about the cover – it must contain an illustration done by famous painter Dominika Žáková. Especially, her square motifs. After that, the process had been very cooperative. Together we created a cover layout sketch, which allowed us to play with typography alike. While we were working on the layout itself, Dominika perfected the squares. The typographical layout is simple, but rather conceptual in details. Each of the ten chapters is opened by the title in an outline and a square, randomly placed according to a grid from the cover. These gradually increase in the chapters. The outline is chosen deliberately to encourage the engagement game. Individual names or squares are offered for individual completion.

editorial design
art direction
client Zrejmé
civic association


Cena čitateľov a čitateliek, René 2023 (Anasoft Litera)


The inside printed in black did not offer to reproduce the colourful spectacle from the cover. Improvisation had to come! So we invited a reader to fill the outline typography and squares with crayons of their own, to reproduce the colourful cover concept, and to be an active part of the book. In this way, the various human stories from the book get a personalized touch directly from the reader. And they bring a smile while reading.


Due to its popularity, the book was published in two more reprints quite quickly. There, we allowed ourselves to support the multi-colored concept and changed the label and the front cover. This resulted in a limited rare collection of slightly different editions. The colors come from the cover but also reflect some elements from the content itself.


client Zrejmé
typefaces LargePoint, Zin Serif
cover illustration © Dominika Žáková
promo photo © Nora & Jakub Čaprnka

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